A New Tendency: Unmanned Grocery Store

Unmanned Grocery Store TaoCafe

Nobody can imagine that the dream of unmanned grocery stores can come true this fast. Although artificial intelligence is believed to replace humans to do various kinds of positions in the near future, unmanned groceries approached first.

Amazon.com established its first unmanned market, Amazon GO, at the end of last year. However, considering the cost of technologies applied, its unmanned grocery stores have not been popularized.


On the contrary, in China, Alibaba launched its first unmanned convenient store, TAOCAFE, in Hangzhou.

taocafe view

It is unmanned and opens 24 hours. Consumers sue Alipay App to scan a QR code to enter to store to authorize the store to access their Alipay accounts.

taocafe cashier


When consumers want to check, they just need to stand in front of the door to wait for scanning the products by the machine; The machine can even successfully scan the products consumers put in the bag.




11 Tips for Fitness Studios in the United States

Fitness Studios Tips United States

1. There are more than 100,000 fitness studios nationwide.

  • 59% of which are private training studios;
  • 31% of which are Yoga studios;
  • 8.5% of which are martial arts schools;
  • 8.5% of which are dancing studios.

dash032. The whole market size of fitness studios is approximate $24 billion USD.

3. About 6.5 million people purchased fitness studios services.

4. According to the department of labor, in 2020, the number of certified fitness coaches will have an estimated increase of 13% compared to 2012.

5. The average size of these fitness studios is approximately 4198 sq. ft.

home-sec2-img6. 88% of fitness studios are privately owned and have one store only.

7. One fitness studio averagely has 287 loyal customers.

8. One fitness studio can serve 75 customers each day.

9. The price of one individual session is average $63.74 USD.

10. The price of one group session is average $34.46 USD.

11. The average annual income of one fitness studio is $297,468 USD. The main resource is individual classes.

Two Tendencies of Digital Marketing in the Future

Professional organizations or experts do not just consider digital marketing as a method of analysis but pay attention to the research of tendency of purchasing and digitization.

Compared to tools and methods of marketing, speed, adaptability, adjacency, scale and precision are the mainstay forces of marketing creativity and digitization.


Image from http://mba.uconn.edu/academics/elective-tracks/digital-marketing-strategy/

Let me show you a video first:

Transform from Media Agency to Digital Agency

According to “IDC Future Scope: Worldwide IT Industry 2016 Predictions- Leading Digital Transformation”, “1/3 of Top 20 companies in each industry will subject to Digital Disrupt. And in China, Alibaba and Tencent have the highest possibility to be survivals.” IDC anticipates that “Internet devices will be doubled and 200,000 new Apps will be coded in the next three years.”

It is hard for people to define Content. But it is undeniable that content is much visualized and real-time. According to the research data from eMarketer(, “Periscope, Snapchat and Instagram become the highest efficient marketing channel, even higher than Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.”

Li Jian points out that Red Bull and GoPro have changed their marketing strategy toward “brands will not control the content, but create and share content with users together.”

In this way, ad agencies will not just push information to consumers through media channels as media agencies, but try to match the tastes of different customers and push commercials precisely to them through big data as digital agencies.

image from https://twitter.com/redbull


image from http://brandedwithfire.blogspot.com/2012/03/gopro-brand-audit-part-2.ht

The Gap Between Leaders and Followers Will be Widened

The year of 2016 is the second year of digitization in a global environment. Forrester addressed that “the gap between digitized leaders and followers will be widened. Leaders will gradually complete the transformation of Customer-obsessed operating Model, but followers will consistently take market shares from each other.”


image from https://michaelhyatt.com/why-the-best-leaders-are-great-followers.html

Personalized Experience is the key factor which can determine the future of a company. It does not only contain big data analysis, precision marketing and marketing automation, but also simplification of the purchasing process and increment of customer experience.

As we can see, big data has been one of the important tools which should be used to analyze requirements of customers. Big companies can use big data to improve its idea and business process of personalized experience in order to serve clients in a more efficient and effective way. However, though small businesses can realize the importance, they do not have ability and time to think about and execute. They have to still be busy with taking market shares.