Four Ways to Gain Followers on Instagram

According to the data from, the number of monthly active Instagram users is 500 million by Jun.16 2015. And according to, the traffic rank of Instagram is 16 in worldwide. Instagram has been one of the most popular social media in the world. In this way, many brands and companies have looked Instagram as a platform for launching advertising, even some people also create an Instagram account and try to launch ads from sponsors after they have enough followers.


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Before making marketing strategy, a social media account needs to increase the number of followers. Let me conclude some ways of attracting traffic on Instagram today.

“T.A.G Tube” shared a video on YouTube to describe several ways of gaining follower on Instagram.


Then, I will introduce 4 ways I suggest to gain followers on Instagram.

 1. Fancy Photos

As a photo-sharing social media, sharing beautiful photos can intensively stimulate users’ aesthetics and bring emotional resonance to users. For example, a colorful photo about food can make human swallow unconsciously.


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2. Post Content of a Field What You Professional in

This suggestion is for personal accounts. As long as you have a field professional in, then you can share photos and videos. Any kind of fields you can recall can be a gimmick to attract followers as long as you are really good at it. Let me give you some examples.

a. Fitness

Instagram ID: jenselter

b. Weapons and Shooting

Instagram ID: Leaspeed6

c. Dancing

Instagram ID: ballroomdance_girl


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d. Even Showing off Money

Instagram ID: danbilzerian

3. Using Hashtags of Hot Topics

Using the most popular hashtags which can relate to the content you are going to post can quickly push your content to users who are searching these hashtags. But too many hashtags in one post will affect a negative influence on aesthetics.

4. Posting at the Right Time

According to the data from Sabel Harris, the most effective time to post a video on Instagram is from 9pm-8am EST. And Sunday is the best day to post new content on Instagram so that the account can receive more Likes, comments, and interactions.


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