What are Differences between Wechat, LINE and WhatsApp?

There are four popular fields in Internet Industry which are information, communication, entertainment, and business. Among these four fields, communication is always the most popular one. Communication software was developed from PC platform to mobile platform. With the arriving of the age of mobile Internet, entrepreneurs have more opportunities and users base to create more chat Apps.

All around the world, Wechat (China), WhatsApp (U.S.) and LINE (Japan) are representative of chat Apps. Facially, chat Apps have the same major functions such as voice message, contacts, location based service and free text message, but business models, cultures, and product logics are definitely different.


image from http://www.economist.com/news/business/21703428-chinas-wechat-shows-way-social-medias-future-wechats-world

Let’s  watch a video clip to describe Line and Wechat:


According to Craig Smith , Wechat has 762 million monthly active users.

Wechat has been a huge platform contains many kinds of products such as social networking, E-commerce, e-pay and O2O. Also, Wechat opens its Javascript SDK to public organizations including governments, individuals and businesses in order to develop more functions based Wechat to serve users

For now, Wechat has been a flagship product of Tencent Holdings LTD so that Tencent can regard Wechat as a valuable chip in the business game. Wechat has the user base in China which is a large enough marketing to compete with other markets. Also, Wechat has implemented its overseas expanding plan.


LINE was announced by NHN Japan in June 2011. According to Craig Smith, LINE has 218 million monthly active users by June.13 2016. LINE can develop rapidly because of the condition and development of Japanese communication service.

One of the major functions of LINE is “sticker”. There are over 250 stickers allow users to describe their emotion offered by LINE. Some kinds of these stickers which have representatives cartoon characters such as Brown Bear and Cony Bunny have been the remarkable identification of LINE to differ from other chat Apps.

Also, according to the official website, LINE has a series of family Apps such as games, photography, dictionary and tools which support both iOS and Android. In this way, LINE can grip users in several aspects.


WhatsApp refuses to add any kind of gimmicks into the App and interface. Due to some origin of cultures, WhatsApp has dominated the marketing of Europe and America before Snapchat announced. According to Craig Smith, WhatsApp has 1 billion users. Facebook announced to buy into WhatsApp on Feb. 19, 2014.

Nowadays, chat Apps do not only contains these three Apps, but also contains like Kik, Viber, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger and iMessage. Chat Apps is a method and tool to pull users or customers into an ecosphere belongs to corporations and groups. In this ecosphere, chat App plays a role as a waiter/waitress to take variety dishes (products) offered by the restaurant (companies) to customers.