Starbucks vs. Costa Coffee

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I asked all my native American friends whether they know Costa Coffee but the answer was No.

This answer is as expected.

Let me give you a quick view to illustrate the difference between Starbucks and Costa Coffee.

  1. Although Costa Coffee is second largest coffeehouse chain brand (behind Starbucks) in the world.
  2. It has 2,121 stores in the United Kingdom and 1,280 stores in other 28 countries, it has no store in the United States. It is understandable why there is little brand awareness of Costa Coffee in America.
  3. On the contrary, Starbucks has 23,768 stores in 62 countries.
  4. The total market value of Starbucks is $80.05 billion USD as of Sep. 5, 2017.
  5. However, as a sub-brand of Whitebread PLC, Costa Coffee has not been IPOed, the revenue of Costa Coffee was £1.167 billion GBP ($1.5198 billion USD) and its net income was £153 million GBP ($199.25 million USD) by 2016.


There is a website offers consumers a chance to support and choose one of these two chain coffee brands. But now, it looks like Starbucks has the upper hand:

A New Tendency: Unmanned Grocery Store

Unmanned Grocery Store TaoCafe

Nobody can imagine that the dream of unmanned grocery stores can come true this fast. Although artificial intelligence is believed to replace humans to do various kinds of positions in the near future, unmanned groceries approached first. established its first unmanned market, Amazon GO, at the end of last year. However, considering the cost of technologies applied, its unmanned grocery stores have not been popularized.


On the contrary, in China, Alibaba launched its first unmanned convenient store, TAOCAFE, in Hangzhou.

taocafe view

It is unmanned and opens 24 hours. Consumers sue Alipay App to scan a QR code to enter to store to authorize the store to access their Alipay accounts.

taocafe cashier


When consumers want to check, they just need to stand in front of the door to wait for scanning the products by the machine; The machine can even successfully scan the products consumers put in the bag.



11 Tips for Fitness Studios in the United States

Fitness Studios Tips United States

1. There are more than 100,000 fitness studios nationwide.

  • 59% of which are private training studios;
  • 31% of which are Yoga studios;
  • 8.5% of which are martial arts schools;
  • 8.5% of which are dancing studios.

dash032. The whole market size of fitness studios is approximate $24 billion USD.

3. About 6.5 million people purchased fitness studios services.

4. According to the department of labor, in 2020, the number of certified fitness coaches will have an estimated increase of 13% compared to 2012.

5. The average size of these fitness studios is approximately 4198 sq. ft.

home-sec2-img6. 88% of fitness studios are privately owned and have one store only.

7. One fitness studio averagely has 287 loyal customers.

8. One fitness studio can serve 75 customers each day.

9. The price of one individual session is average $63.74 USD.

10. The price of one group session is average $34.46 USD.

11. The average annual income of one fitness studio is $297,468 USD. The main resource is individual classes.

Chinese Fitness Internet Celebrities and How Many Followers They Have on Social Media

Chinese Fitness Internet Celebrities Followers on Social Media
  1. Alextang888






  1. JessicaDu






  1. Naomiper_






  1. Lei.yu_






  1. Christy_law




No Instagram







  1. LoveafterT






  1. Laurayaaaaaa







a. Weibo focuses more on the Chinese market. Thus, the number of followers on Weibo is assumed to just indicate Chinese followers.

b. Instagram is banned by the Chinese government. So Chinese users have to use VPN to connect to Instagram. This way, the number of followers on Instagram is assumed to indicate followers out of China.

The Current Situation and Two Tendencies of Fitness Industry in China

Current Situation and Tendencies of Fitness Industry in China
Mou Cong, China’s first female bodybuilding world championship at the 2017 Arnold Amateur Championships.

The fitness industry has developed decades in the U.S. According to the data, the estimated market of the fitness industry In the United States was more than 25.8 billion USD in 2015.

Why People Like Fitness?

Why do people like fitness? Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has answered this question for us: After consumers can fulfill their basic necessities, like food, shelter, etc., they will try to explore fields which can increase their social status. Keeping in a good shape is one of the facts.

The Current Situation of Fitness Industry in China

With the help of the development of Chinese economy and the increase of people’s annual income, more and more Chinese have realized the importance of fitness. Although they have different purposes to exercise, such as losing weight, gaining muscle, entertainment, social, etc., the population distributes in various ages.

According to the data issued by the Bureau of Statistics of China, 383 million people have a high frequency to do fitness in China in 2014. Specifically, 51% of people, from 20 to 69, have the habit to exercise.


The population of fitness enthusiast brings the enormous market to the Chinese fitness industry. In 2015, the total market of Chinese fitness industry was $190 billion USD. In 2025, the total market is expected to be $450.45 billion USD.

With the help of this, the industry of fitness equipment has developed rapidly. The total sales volume of fitness equipment was just $1.75 billion USD in 2006; however, the number increased to $3.24 billion USD in 2014.


Two Tendencies of Chinese Fitness Industry

In 2009, there were 2,959 traditional gyms in China in total. Incredibly, the number was 4,425 in 2015. By July 2017, there were 37,627 fitness centers, however, 70.2% of which are fitness studios (26,414). In addition, online fitness Apps are impacting on traditional fitness club brands. Doing fitness at home is a new tendency.

Tendency No. 1

Fitness Studios

Fitness studios focus on one-to-one training and locate at business buildings and apartments. Due to the Chinese economy and people’s life quality are growing by leaps and bounds, Chinese people are seeking more customized training. This way, they can gain better instruction at fitness studios compare to traditional gyms.

Fitness studios have already positioned in different segment markets, like 24h open, CrossFit, cycling, yoga, boxing, etc.


But negatively, the price of a 1-hour one-to-one training class differentiates in different fitness studios. The price can vary from $45 USD to $90 USD, even higher.

Financially, the average income of the fitness studio is $28,000 USD per month. At the same time, the average income of traditional gym brands is $142,737 USD.

Although the income of traditional gyms is about 5 times as many as the income of fitness studios. It is still an unstoppable tendency.

Tendency No. 2

Fitness Online

The Internet has strongly changed consumers’ behaviors. The rise of social media platforms, like Weibo, WeChat, and QQ (Chinese chat Apps and software), encourage people to check in to exercise and jog every day. Even, users can have match through showing how many steps they walked compare to their friends’ step numbers.

Also, online fitness Apps, such as Fittime and KEEP, allow fit people to do workouts at home through watching online fitness courses. Moreover, these Apps contract fitness celebrities and KOLs to attract traffic and users. These celebrities will interact with followers, upload fitness GIFs and live videos.

Online fitness Apps can also help consumers save more money. In the biggest cities of China, such as Beijing and Shanghai, the average annual fee of a gym’s membership is 525 USD. On the contrary, in the U.S., it just costs 10 USD monthly at Planet Fitness and about 30 USD per month at LA Fitness.

At the same time, the average annual income in Shanghai was 11,718 USD in 2016. Thus, the expenses of gym membership fee still occupy a high proportion of people’s annual income.

As a result, the data indicates consumers’ choices. By Q3 2016, KEEP had 16.26 million registered users and 8.323 million monthly active users. By April 2017, KEEP had 80 million registered users (The population of Germany is 82.67 million).

The Kind of Work a Social Media Agency Does

Web 2.0 is a new digital concept for social media and content marketing in general. It requires companies to create social media content, in which content can meet the requirements of users in this modern digital age.

Web 2.0 also provides users more options for viewing content on the World Wide Web. Due to the evolution of the World Wide Web, digital marketing agencies have expanded their services to platforms that make only sense for this modern digital age. This is the age of digital economics, in which traditional companies are becoming more digitized. This allows for digital agencies, which includes any type of social media agency, to become more prominent of a service for all types of businesses.

As the World Wide Web evolves, so will the world evolve with it, including the agencies that try to harness the power of the current interweb.

Social Media Agencies Are Here to Stay Because Digital Is Here to Stay

Whether or not you believe in the services of a social media agency, or digital marketing agency, there is still a trend you need to follow.

As the Internet and its intricacies develop, such as search engines and social media platforms, digital agencies are partly like a newer version of the traditional marketing agencies of the past.

Digital agencies are becoming relevant for the current generation.

Social media agencies themselves are being one of the most predominant agencies currently offering services in the digital and marketing world simultaneously.

Let’s discuss what kind of work a social media agency will provide for your business.

Content Marketing for Social Media Is Unique, and Here’s Why:


Content marketing is about posting relevant content, such as blogs, public relation articles, and media into official websites, including social media platforms, or outlets of that like nature.

It’s good practice for your social media content to follow “hot topics”, or even create the “hot topic”. Great content on social media can increase the number of impressions, reaches, engagements, and followers, which are all benefits to your social media marketing scheme.

The more accurate, unique, and original your content is, the more it can help improve your social media pages and increase website traffic. Good content will attract more viewers to come and visit your company’s or personal website. Thus, it will increase a higher possibility to broaden your brand awareness and reputation amongst your target market.

Great content can also produce higher conversion rates, as well as sales for your business. As a result, a social media agencies should hire several in-house professional copywriters who are skillful in writing original articles about different industries.

The more interesting and unique your social media content is, the more successful your social media strategies will become.

Choose the Appropriate Social Media Platform for Marketing Purposes

Obviously, all industries are different and unique. This includes all social media platforms too. One content curated on a social media platform may not be functional on all other social media platforms.

For example, Instagram and Pinterest are more image-based. Food companies and fashion companies can better use these two social media platforms. Pictures of delicious looking food or photos from a fashion show can harbor quick feelings and emotions to the picture and its topic. Great pictures that are unique and relevant can garner interesting and pertinent followers on these social media platforms.

In addition, written copy should be more focused on social media templates like Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Twitter.

Twitter is a great platform for posting breaking news and to obtain RSS feeds.

Professional companies, or just simply professional people in professional fields, such as finance, engineering, and etc. should use a professional social media platform called LinkedIn. In LinkedIn, you can network with other professionals in your field, or even do marketing and uploading of professional articles that can attract followers who are also interested in the same interests as they are too.

These followers on LinkedIn can be potential clients or even people who could revere you and your professional work.

An experienced social media agency can rapidly identify the right social media platforms which you can use to implement and optimize your current social media marketing campaigns.

Great social media agencies will know how to adapt your company to almost all the social media platforms on the internet in a cost effective manner, with positive ROI on your goals and interests.

Choose the Appropriate Social Media Platform for Marketing Purposes


By using social media, users will not only see updates of their friends, families, or interests, but also ads from companies as well.

Social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn have their own social media marketing services.

These Social media platforms that offer paid media will analyze the demographical information of their users, such as age, gender, region, and education, to push paid ads to the users who seem most interested in the ads being produced through the paid media services on their social media platforms

A good social media agency will calculate your company’s ROI (Return on Investment) and set precedents, as well as a modified budget to your invested social media campaigns. The goal is to build and optimize your Social Media Marketing Strategies via SSM.

The goal is to build and optimize your Social Media Marketing Strategies via SMM. By engaging consumers, making cost-effective decisions, and provide rewarding returns to the goals of the company using these social media platforms for marketing.

Public Relationship (PR) Is Important for Good SMM

A social media agency can partly perform duties of a public relationships team. Such as interacting with clients, followers, commenters, users, and consumers on social media platforms that obtain visitors, and interaction.

The goal here is to make sure that the social media agency can maintain positive relationships with all their clients, followers, commenters, users, and consumers, that visit and interact with the social media pages you as a social media agency maintain.

Although, there are some companies that use social media automation tools to help with social media management. It’s in your company’s and agencies best interest to communicate with a human, like a human, rather than as a robot.  It’s common sense to try and speak to a human organism in a humanistic approach amongst the common users who visits your social media’s web page.

Just some word of advice: It’s common sense to try and speak to a human organism in a humanistic approach among the common users who visits your social media’s web pages. You want to try and build relationships as a social media marketer, and communications expert.

Consistency Is Important for Successful SMM

Consistently posting social media content can help you maintain a good relationship with users. It also shows that you are contemporary and relevant to your industry.

Consistently posting and reposting relevant content that makes sense will enhance the brand image of your company.

Consistency will also help you push out promotions of events and new products, as your followers know you are always engaging them consistently. It just means: people are ready to take what you are giving them if you do so on a consistent basis towards your followers, etc. If you can’t always focus on posting content, a social media agency can definitely help you approach that by curating relevant and unique content for your company.

If you find it difficult to produce amazing social media content, a social media agency can definitely help you approach that by curating relevant and unique content for your company.

Enrich Your Social Media Content to Gain Better Results

A skillful social media agency will create content in different forms and variety, such as videos, articles, and infographics.

A fantastic social media agency knows how to curate unique and awesome, as well as original content for the fields related to you and your company.

A wide range of content can also help you attract more traffic.

A video or an infographic can be used to help your potential clients better understand what the products/services you offer are. Moreover, the content and the style should match the image of the brand of your company.

Content and the style of how you make your content should match the image of the brand of your company.



Updating Your Cover Image Increases Engagement

Cover images on social media platforms can help promote a company’s philosophy or business mission to web users. Vital use of your cover image will attract visitors to even take action on your web page, which in turn will increase the chance for companies to promote their products/services better.

Any good social media agency will know how to change and update a cover image that best fits a promotion, or event he season.

It’s important to know how to personalize your social media pages, whether it is on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts. Updating your cover image regularly will induce more attentiveness of your corporation’s business culture and its promotions.


A social media agency is supposed to use computing technology as much as possible to develop new markets and new customers effectively and efficiently.

The purpose of hiring a social media agency is to help spread brand awareness and to increase profit.

The better the social media agency did, the more profits and engagement your company will make.

How Internet Celebrities Make Money

Forbes published a list of Highest-Paid YouTube Stars 2016, PewDiePie, a Sweden gamer, remains No.1 with $15 million pretax income. He uploads snippets of himself playing video games for 50 million subscribers.

Also, Rosanna Pansino who provides baking videos on YouTube made $6 million in 2016 compared to $4.5 million in 2015.

  1. Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie) – $15 million USD
  2. Roman Atwood – $8 million USD
  3. Lilly Singh (Superwoman) – $7.5 million USD
  4. Anthony Padilla (Smosh) – $7 million USD
  5. Tyler Oakley – $6 million USD
  6. Rosanna Pansino – $6 million USD
  7. Mark Fischbach (Markiplier) – $5.5 million USD
  8. German Garmendia – $5.5 million USD
  9. Colleen Ballinger (Miranda Sings) – $5 million USD
  10. Rhett & Link – $5 million USD

List from

Let’s watch a video clip posted by PewDiePie.


Will you be jealous of that? A guy is just playing a video game and he can earn $15 million per year? Actually, you don’t need to. According to this list, we can say that everyone can be the Internet celebrity as long as one has a skill and knows about how to run the marketing oneself.

How to be a Celebrity on the Internet

First, you need a skill such as fitness, playing a game, cooking, baking, a sense of fashion, traveling or even a big stomach to eat (whatever it is). A Japanese girl, Kinoshita Yuka, has a big stomach and she opened a channel to broadcast eating. Now she has 2,447,211 subscribers on YouTube.

Show Time:

Second, you need to know how to perform the marketing yourself. Influencer Marketing needs to cross several fields such as PR, social media strategy, content creating and more. In this way, influencers (Bloggers) should know about the technique of design, video editing, and a high level of personal aesthetics so that attract followers through charming content and photos.

How Internet Celebrities Make Money

The advertisement is the most direct method to make money through accumulating a big follower base. For example, Scott Disick, the influencer on Instagram, requires $15K-20K for one sponsored post due to he has 18.63 million followers. And some of the photos he posted as an Ad just looks like a casual street snap.

Also, Kinoshita Yuka, I mentioned before, will be sponsored by food materials manufacturers and use these food materials in the video.eating-a-dozen-of-nissins-red-ye

Photo from

Moreover, fashion bloggers select different costumes which are inexpensive and not from well-known brands and take colorful and well-composited photos to give followers a hope that common people can also become gorgeous due to these celebrities are common and not well-trained by superstar training companies compared to those entertainers, either. As a result, some of these fashion influencers establish their own apparel brands and sell them through their social media accounts.

The King of the Content: 3 Factors Make Victoria’s Secret Great

Victoria’s Secret (the largest American retailer of women’s bras and lingerie) holds an annual fashion show, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Actually, it is not just a fashion show for now but an annual visual feast.


Image from

The first Victoria’s Secret fashion show started in 1995 and now I can say Victoria’s Secret is the king (or I should say queen) of the content. Before the fashion show began, the updates of all social media platforms like Facebook had been filled with photos, GIFs and videos of models (angels) and forecasting articles of Victoria’s Secret.

But the social media promotion before the fashion show is not the crucial marketing strategy. I will introduce 3 ways make Victoria’s Secret great.

Let’s watch part of the show first:


Angels are always the most attractive part of the whole fashion show annually. Every year, Victoria’s Secret will select and train angels as its official models. And most of these angels become supermodels after they stood on the stage of the fashion show such as Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Lily Aldridge.

2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Paris - Show

Photo from

Each angel has an angel face and is in a good shape. They do workout and control diet for a long time and make themselves a role model to common women. In this way, when female customers are watching the show, they will virtually put themselves into the show and try to play the role as one of the angels so that link the products to the charming shape. Moreover, male audiences hope their girlfriends or wives can be angels after they put on lingeries.

Forbes puts together a list of the highest-paid models and, as the return of these efforts, “estimates that 5 of the 47 models, including Gigi Hadid, in the show take home a combined $28.5 million pretax from all the gigs. Adriana Lima is estimated to earn $9 million this year. Martha Hunt is estimated to earn $2 million, Kendall Jenner at $4 million, and Hadid at $2.5 million.”


Wings are not only the consideration of aesthetics but also a way to centralize the eyesight of audiences to the lingerie. Also, putting on the wings is a symbol to indicate the status of angels because, for example, only 8 of 47 angels had the authority to put on wings at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2014.


Photo from


The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show cannot seriously be categorized as a fashion show, but an entertainment event. In this way, it is not doubtable that the company always follows the hot tendency and invites popular musicians to perform during the runway show every year. Last year, they invited Rihanna, and this year, they invited Lady Gaga. The marketing/PR team of Victoria’s Secret clearly understands how to attract attention from the target market.


Photo from

Rocket Internet: a Company Factory

Venture Beat, a Tech Blog company, published a list of unicorn startups in worldwide. There are 6 in Germany which are “Hello Fresh”, “Zalando”, “Home24”, “Auto1”, “Delivery Hero” and “Rocket Internet”.


Image from

However, according to the official website of Rocket Internet, surprisingly, most German unicorn companies I mentioned before are invested and built by Rocket Internet such as Hello Fresh, Delivery Hero and Home 24.

Sam Parr, one of the columnists of said, “Rocket Internet is one of the most hated yet successful tech companies in the world” because the strategy of Rocket Internet for building companies is to copy successful business models from Silicon Valley. And the slogan displayed on the homepage of the official website of Rocket Internet is “To Become the World’s Largest Internet Platform Outside the United States and China”. In this way, Rocket Internet actually is a startup factory company which builds and invests other startups.


Image from

How Rocket Internet Established

The founder of Rocket Internet, Oliver Samwer, holds a degree from WHU. “Upon graduation, Oliver, and his two brothers founded in 1999. After the sale of to eBay Inc., he was Managing Director of eBay, responsible for Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. In 2000, Oliver and his two brothers founded Jamba! AG, which was acquired by Verisign Inc. in 2004”, I believe that the experience of establishing Alando gave Oliver a formula which can clone and develop startups quickly.

Then, in 2007, he founded a startup factory, Rocket Internet, to help startups grow at a high speed such as three years compare to ten years normally.

Let’s watch a Rocket Internet film.

Focus on Internet Business

According to the film, the main business that companies invested by Rocket Internet’s focus is the online business such as online finance, e-commerce, and online marketplaces. “5.4 billion consumers outside the United States and China = 75% of global population = 74% mobile users in the world.”

Usually, in the period of coping, Rocket Internet will provide a wider service range than the original product and spend a huge amount of money on Google Ads as long as the project still has capital left in order to attract consumers.

The running and managing way of Rocket Internet is totally like an assembly line. The only thing they are pursuing is efficiency which can grow a project in a short period and then sell it to the original company to make money.